Highlights Include Sustainability in the Emu Industry, Successful Emu Product Promotion, and Sales at Fairs and Farmers Market

This Winter 2020 issue of Emu Today & Tomorrow highlights sustainability in the emu industry at Willow Grove Ranch. American Emu Association (AEA) officers Terry Turner, president; Joylene Reavis, secretary; and Dennis Anderson, regional director, share lessons learned and valuable advice from their 2019 AEA National Convention session about successful emu product promotion. Sugar Maple Emu Farm shares promotion ideas and Todd Green shares his experience with flightless birds. CBD and the emu industry is discussed, as well as emu oil and aftercare.  If you can’t wait for the printed issue to make it to your mailbox, subscribers can go to our digital archives to access the issue right now. If you’d like to subscribe to Emu Today & Tomorrow, you can subscribe online or by calling (580) 628-2933.

Emus with chicks at Willow Grove Ranch