National Emu Week – How to Get an Emu Week Proclamation

One focus of the Spring 2020 issue of Emu Today & Tomorrow is National Emu Week (N.E.W.) from May 2-10, 2020, with nine full days, to include two full weekends, to celebrate. Learn how to get an Emu Week Proclamation, as well as enjoy N.E.W. Event Ideas. In this issue, read about Alpha-gal and the Emu Meat Alternative and see link to tutorial for Amy Hall’s Corned Emu and the emu curing process. In this issue, also read how Three Feathers Emu Ranch is Keeping it Local. Valuable emu farming information is shared with a Poinsonous Plants Guide and Parasites Information. In this issue, find the 2020 American Emu Association (AEA) National Convention Registration Form.

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Amy Hall’s Corned Emu